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Local Belize Divers Encounter Pod of Sperm Whales in Migration

Local Belize dive master at Ramon’s Village Dive Shop, Rolando Caceres, shares with Ambergris Today a video about his encounter with a pod of about 15 sperm whales during a diving trip to the Great Blue Hole.

Whale encounters in Belize are very rare, but not impossible, as divers have had great opportunities to get up close and personal with various species of whales that, for the most part, are just passing by during their long migratory travels.

The most common encounters with large sea creatures are those with the massive Whale Sharks (although not whales/mammals) that stop to feed along the Belize Barrier Reef around the month of April each year.

Caceres says that only one of 15 sperm whales was curious enough to stay as close as 50 feet from the boat as they attempted to get close to the pod.

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“We were leaving Long Caye, during our Blue Hole Dive trip, which is located at the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, heading towards Turneff Atoll,” commented Rolando. “It was about 15 of them; the boat would get close, about 100ft, but they would dive down.  Only one stayed close about 50ft from the boat, which is the one on the video. The snorkelers that got in water got about 10 to 20ft from it.”

Needless to say, it was a very exhilarating and awesome experience for the dive crew and customers on board the Ramon’s Village Dive Boat.

Local Belize Divers Encounter Pod of Sperm Whales in Migration

Rolando Caceres, Dive Master at Ramon’s Village Dive Shop

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