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BTB Assists “Together We Can Stop Hunger” Program in Belize City

On Monday, January 11, 2016, members of the BTB’s Social Committee presented donations to co-founder of the program “Together We Can Stop Hunger”, Mrs. Geraldine Mai. The Belize Tourism Board applauds the BTB’s social committee for organizing a clothing and food drive for this organization. Over the holidays, staff members were asked to donate clothing, shoes, and food items to provide to families benefiting from the program.

Together We Can Stop Hunger (TWCSH) is an organization that concentrates on feeding persons and families who otherwise cannot feed themselves. Currently it is led by a mother and son, Mrs. Geraldine Mai and Shaheed Mai, and they are currently feeding 13 families and about 50 homeless persons. TWCSH relies heavily on public donations for its pantry. Not only does it feed the homeless Monday to Saturday, it gives a weekly food hamper to 13 families. Their pantry consists mostly of rice, beans, milk, bread, and canned foods.

Mrs. Geraldine and Shaheed were previously struggling to afford food to feed themselves. It was through assistance from family and friends that they were able to rebuild their lives. As a result of their experience, they decided to form this organization and assist other families going through similar hardship. This story moved BTB staff to contribute to the drive. In 2016, the Social Committee continues to find similar initiatives where BTB Staff can give back to the community.

BTB Assists “Together We Can Stop Hunger” Program in City

For more information on this donation, and how to assist this organization contact Mrs. Geraldine Mai at 652-8752/601-2660 or via Facebook:

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