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Why Would Belize Name Island After Hip Hop Artist DJ Khaled?

It made news all over the internet, social media and in the music industry, Belize (the Belize Tourism Board) nicknamed its Snake Caye island “Mayor Caye” after DJ Khaled a Miami-based producer, radio personality, DJ and record label executive.

Well, the Tourism Board said it was inspired by Khaled’s “love for the ocean” and “constant positivity,” and they nicknamed the island and invited him to come visit. The BTB chose to make the announcement via Belize’s Twitter account.

The Miami New Times said, “His appetite for success is insatiable, and his people skills are impeccable. So when we learned that the country of Belize names an island in Khaled’s honor, we can’t say that we were shocked…Ok, maybe a little. But you can’t rule anything out when it comes to DJ Khaled.”

The BTB named the island in honor of Khaled’s most famous catch phrase and was inspired to reach out to him after he broadcasted over Snapchat that he was in desperate need of a vacation.

Well, the Snapchat king was happy about that and tweeted back at the tourism board, “I love that !! Bless up!!! Hammock talk will be amazing @ major caye,” he wrote. “Send my love to the island major caye.”

Well it seems that DJ Khaled has a lot of fans in Belize and now has an open invitation from the tourism board to come pay us a visit. We hope to see him soon enjoying some ‘hammock time’ at Major Caye. Click here to see how beautiful Snake Caye/Major Caye looks like.

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