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Belize Lionfish Hunting Best Marine Experience According to Food and Travel Mexico

Belize is in the spotlight in the current edition of the prestigious Food and Travel Mexico Magazine. It highlights the Best Marine Experiences in the World with lionfish hunting in Belize in the list.

In its weekly newsletter the Belize Hotel Association highlight the article that reads: “Dive into the waters of the Belize Barrier Reef to capture a lionfish with a spear; Then bring it ashore and cook it on an outdoor campfire …You do not need any scientific knowledge to join the lion fish disposal project; Just a PADI diving certificate and the desire to leave a positive mark on the destination.” Full Article (in Spanish) Here.

The lion fish is considered the second greatest threat to the coral reef and the Caribbean’s ecological balance due to its voracious appetite and the lack of natural predators. In order to protect the marine ecosystem and their own livelihoods, fishermen and dive professionals in Belize began hunting lionfish in 2002. Now lionfish expeditions have become increasingly popular throughout the country, in an effort to save the reef, and also because it has become a delicacy. 

The lionfish meat is tasty and has gained popularity in many local restaurants in Belize. This Caribbean delicacy is also shipped commercially from Belize to the United States. as the demand is growing in the U.S market. Currently many high-end restaurants in New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Houston are serving lionfish on their menus.

So add this to your next Belize adventure and help us save our Barrier Reef! 

Belize Lionfish Hunting Best Marine Experience According to Food and Travel Mexico

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