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Happiness Restored! Rebecca Rath Still Reigning Miss Belize Universe

The tables have turned once again as Queen of the Jewel Ltd., the company that owns the rights to the Miss Belize pageant, issued a press release clarifying that Rebecca Rath is still the current Miss Belize and will serve the remainder of her duties. It also stated that there will be a Miss Belize 2017 Pageant and that Opal Enriquez was unauthorized to have issued any release and decisions that she had made.

The latest press release from Queen of the Jewel Ltd. states that it is unfortunate that Opal’s resignation has also brought into controversy the title of Miss Belize 2016-2017.

Clarification on Unauthorized Queen of the Jewel Press Release

Belize City — May 30, 2017 —  On Friday May 26, 2017,  the Pageant Director of Queen of the Jewel Ltd.’, Ms. Opal Enriquez, issued a press release tendering her resignation effective immediately. The release also indicated that Miss Belize Ms. Rebecca Rath would be relieved of her duties as Miss Belize 2016-2017, and that the title and duties would be passed on to the 2016 runner up, Ms. Marcia Moody. This release by the Ms. Enriquez was unauthorized and the summary dismissal of Ms. Rath was unsanctioned.

Queen of the Jewel Ltd. is jointly owned by Mr. Orson Elrington, Mr. Reynaldo Malik and Ms. Opal Enriquez. Ms. Enriquez served as Pageant Director and has effectively resigned as of May 26, 2017. The organization accepts her resignation and will be taking steps in the coming weeks to fill the vacant position. It is unfortunate that her resignation has also brought into controversy the title of Miss Belize 2016-2017. The majority co-owners, Mr. Elrington and Mr. Malik, were not aware of Ms. Enriquez’s release and learned about it at the same time as the rest of the nation and most regrettably, at the same time as Ms. Rath.

Officially, Ms. Rebecca Rath is still the reigning Ms. Belize Universe 2016-2017. She retains her title and will continue to perform her duties until her reign ends and the next Miss Belize 2017-2018 is crowned. It is the official position of the majority partners of Queen of the Jewel Ltd, that a Miss Belize pageant for 2017-2018 will be held. We will also be seeking to renew our Miss Universe license, however the outcome of that application is unknown but we will have alternative options for  the winner of the Miss Belize 2017-2018 title.  As mentioned earlier, we will be seeking the services of a new pageant director to continue our business.   While we own 2/3 of the company,  for various reasons we have left the running of the company and its affairs to Ms. Enriquez. Moving forward that will no longer be the case.

Queen of the Jewel Ltd. apologizes to Ms. Rebecca Rath and her family for this colossal overstep and wish to state officially that Ms. Rath has the organization’s full support. We thank her for her continued representation of our country and look forward to a continued relationship.

We are also looking forward to having all parties of the company resolve this situation amicably and without further damage. It is the official position of the majority partners that a unilateral decision such as this is ineffective and we look forward to curing this issue within the organization.

We thank Ms Enriquez for all she has done and wish her the very best in her future endeavors.  Last but not least, in the immediate future we will be meeting with all affected parties in order to restore normalcy. 

(O.J. Elrington ) Co-Owner Queen of the Jewel Ltd.
(Reynaldo Malik)  Co-Owner Queen of the Jewel Ltd.

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