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Our Voices Are Stronger Together

Residents of southern Ambergris Caye in the Mosquito Coast area were glad to receive information from the Department of Environment (DOE) indicating that a stop order was issued on the land clearing that was causing much concern in the area.

“We have a voice,” commented one resident as she shared the information the South Side Community received regarding the bulldozing that occurred.

The message from the DOE stated: “As you may be aware, the Department of the Environment last week carried out an enforcement check at the site of the mangrove clearance and have since issued a cessation order and enforcement warning against the developers.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Department of the Environment if you observe any continued clearance at the site.

Thank you very much for making the report. The assistance of the general public in the protection of the environment is indeed invaluable.”

This message was a sigh of relief for the residents in the area after they reported the massive land clearing taking place around them with developers showing no concern for the environment, vegetation (including mangroves) and wildlife.

Hundreds of acres were bulldozed without any clearance from the DOE. The lots being cleared are listed under Holiday Lands LLC and include properties adjacent to the Royal Caribbean Resort extending south almost a mile to Pelican Reef Villas. (Click Here to Read More)

Residents are grateful at the attention given by DOE’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Percival Cho, who they say was instrumental in getting the inspection made in time before more land was cleared. Their only hope is that the developer will be more considerate and responsible to the environment and wildlife and follow proper procedures if and when he continues with his development plans.

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