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San Pedro is Ready to Play Some Serious Futbol

The San Pedro Pirates Futbol Club yesterday, Thursday, May 10, 2018, made a special announcement of the introduction of a new managing team, coach and coaching staff which they are positive will lead them to victory in the upcoming Premier League of Belize (PLB) soccer competition.

President and owner of the San Pedro Pirates, Emiliano Rivera has formed a committee with members how have various skills in different areas of the sport. He is joined by his wife as secretary of the club and by Tony Maldonado and Hector Alamialla as Co-Managers, Felipe Sansorez as Marketing Manager and Eiden Salazar in Public Relations.

Pirates have participated in two season of PLB reaching as far at the top four teams in the competition. The new managing committee is promising a stronger soccer team for San Pedro that is more disciplined, serious, prepared, trained and community minded. In doing so they have put together a coaching staff in charge of producing a winning team. The staff will be lead by head coach Mr. Renan Arturo Cowo and comprised by Mr. Hugo Pineda and Alex Noralez (Assistant Coaches) and Omar Moreno (Equipment Manager).

San Pedro is Ready to Play Some Serious Futbol

San Pedro is Ready to Play Some Serious Futbol

Coaching Staff Omar Moreno, Coach Renan Cowo, Hugo Pineda and Alex Noralez

“I want to promise San Pedro hard work and honesty in my capacity as head coach,” commented Cowo. “Rest assured that we will work diligently to keep the team in top rankings.”

Cowo obtained his coaching license from the Federation of Mexican Football and has experience in coaching PLB, national selection, Under 15, Under 21, semi-pro and coached Juventus to a championship in Belize. He ranks as the coach who has brought more points to the Belize National Selection amongst all of the coaches that has lead the team. He has also worked with the Football Federation of Belize as the Football Development Director for the past 10 years, in charge of designing all youth programs, selection programs and most programs that have to do with football in the country.

The San Pedro Pirates are looking to add five international players to the team that will infuse more a professional dynamic to the team. There are already nine players coming in from Colombia, Nicaragua and Mexico to try out for the team. The best five will be selected to complement the rest of the local and national team members.

Pre-season training will commence on June 11 with the selection of the five international players on June 4. This will give the team a head start of two months to prepare in tactical, physical and technical training that coach Cowo has programed. The soccer season commences in August.

“San Pedro Pirates is going for the win, they want to be champions and want to represent Belize in the Conca Champions League,” stated Hector (Tito) Alamilla, assistant manager of the San Pedro Pirates.

San Pedro is Ready to Play Some Serious Futbol

Coach Renan Cowo signs his contract with the San Pedro Pirates

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