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Nemo Holding Pre-Hurricane Season Planning Meetings

With the official opening of Hurricane Season 2018 only one day away, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has been holding a number of planning meetings in preparation for it.

Last Thursday, May 24th, a meeting was convened to address Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA) in order to harmonize the various committees with key frontline and support personnel that would be deployed in the event of a natural disaster.

On Friday, May 25th, there was a meeting of the National Human Resources Committee in order to review the roles and improve the efficiency of public officers in the event of an impact or threat from natural disaster.

That same day, May 25th, there was also a National Emergency Operations Center training session with stakeholders, including personnel from the Belize Defence Force, City Emergency Committees and District Coordinators, to discuss standard procedures that will be employed countrywide when NEMO activates city and district operations in a synchronized manner.

On May 28, there was a meeting with NEMO international partners, which focused on how Belize would be assisted in the aftermath of impact from a major disaster such as a category 5 hurricane.

On Wednesday, May 30, there was a Fuel Managers’ meeting to plan the most efficient way, in the event that coastal communities must be evacuated, to provide fuel via the gas stations to the general public, public transport (such as buses), government vehicles, water taxis and private vessels.

And in the afternoon, there was a meeting of the Transport and Evacuation Committee to discuss matters relating to transportation and evacuation procedures in the event that NEMO has to execute a coordinated evacuation of coastal communities in the face of a disaster threat.

NEMO training sessions and coordinating meetings continue throughout the Hurricane Season and will only pause when the country is threatened or impacted. NEMO advises one and all to ensure your emergency family, business and ministry plan is up to date.

Nemo Holding Pre-Hurricane Season Planning Meetings

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