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Belize Opens Border To Residents of Chetumal Passport-Free

Chetumal, Q.R. — The Government of Belize says they have opened the border for residents of the state of Quintana Roo, allowing Mexicans to enter the country without passports.

Through its consulate office in Chetumal, the Government of Belize says the Belize Hotel Association began a campaign to promote its tourist attractions to increase the flow of Mexican visitors into the country.
In a press conference, the Belizean Consul in Chetumal, Luis Montero Maldonado and the representative of the hoteliers Tessie Durán Tonaco, explained that a fundamental part of this exchange of visitors will be to grant greater access to the facilities and different tourist destinations in Belize.

Montero Maldonado said that a few weeks ago, they began the process that now allows residents of Quintana Roo to visit the country for up to 72 hours without the need of a passport. He explained that until now it is primarily Belize residents crossing into Mexico to shop in the state capital of Chetumal or to visit a nearby town. The goal of the new strategy, he explained, is to encourage a more even exchange between the two geographical areas. “We want the Quintana Roo people to know the natural beauty and tourist sites we have, including beach and archeology and nature,” he said.

Through an exhibition, the representatives of hoteliers along with the Belizean government say the country has numerous tourist zones that include nearly 200 islands, waterfalls, mountains, beaches and areas of cultural and ecological tourism.

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