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San Pedro Bids Farewell to Mr. Ramon Nunez

In a heartbroken mode if mourning, San Pedro bids farewell to an iconic Islander, Ramon Núñez who passed away on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Funeral services were held on Monday, July 2, followed by a memorial services at Ramon’s Village.

Ramon was born in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize of humble parents Regina and Cruz Núñez, a fisherman. After primary school, Ramon got a study scholarship but could not go to high school because his parents could not afford the luxury. So at age 14 he became a fisherman and camped out to learn the trade with his older brothers. 

San Pedro Bids Farewell to Mr. Ramon Nunez 1

He first became a lobster fisherman because of his love of skin diving and under the legendary Gerry McDermott, he learned scuba diving only to become a dive master and ran operations of one of the first five shops on the island.

Because of his great personality, Ramon became world known and tourists kept returning to Belize looking for Ramon and San Pedro. Eventually and inevitably he became the iconic manager of Paradise Hotel; from there Ramon’s fame and circle of friends and acquaintances only grew. He managed one or two other resorts until he was recruited to springboard a new resort named after him, Ramon’s Village.

Ramon has contributed immensely to the growth of the tourism industry, investing time and efforts as well as goodwill in hospitality, restaurants, gift shops, diving tours and instruction certification. As a Lions Club member he was the main fundraiser and instrumental in getting the San Pedro Poly Clinic off the ground.

Ambergris Today and the entire community of San Pedro, is heartbroken by Ramon’s passing, yet celebrates his life and accomplishments. Rest in Peace Mr. Ramon Nunez.

Memorial Service held at Ramon’s Village

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