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The Belize Network of NGOs Launches ICJ Online Survey

The Guatemalan Claim is a very touchy topic, to go to ICJ or not is a question many Belizeans still don’t know what to choose. And although many have expressed their strong opinions on social media there are some that are still indecisive. With this in mind the The Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) has launched a survey to collect data on the perspectives of Belizeans on Guatemala’s claim to Belize. The survey will be administered by Aldair Gongora, a Belizean PhD Candidate at Boston University.  

The survey targets only the Belizean online community, and is an independent effort to understand, from a quantitative vantage point, the Belizean perspective on Guatemala’s claim to Belize and whether or not voters want to take the claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a final resolution. The survey will be deployed in 1-month intervals to create time-based snapshots of public opinion and capture details on how public opinion changes per period.

The BNN expects that survey results will provide guidance on the different methods that should be implemented to disseminate information related to the ICJ Referendum Public Awareness Campaign to the various districts, in particular to rural and remote areas. Additionally, the online approach is expected to shed light on districts that have more people with online activity versus people who do not.

The data gathered will aid in quantitatively illustrating the outlook of Belizeans on this issue – within the limitations of the data acquired. The data and the code used to interpret the data will be made publicly available. This means that anyone will be able to download the data file to do their own analysis. However, people would not be able to edit the data. All the data collected will be anonymous.  

To complete the survey, please go to this link:

The BNN urges all Belizeans to complete the survey, and to forward the survey link to all their relatives and friends.

For more information, contact Pro Tem Chair, Froyla Tzalam at 615-8532, or Senator Osmany Salas at 602-2535;

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