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NEMO Receives Equipment from Mesoamerican Project

Minister of National Emergency Management, Hon Edmond Castro, has received on behalf of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) valuable equipment from the Mesoamerica Integration and Development Project, in line with the Mesoamerica Network for Integral Risk Management (RMGIR).

The project handed over one (1) Hp ‘Pro-book’ laptop and one (1) Dell Optiplex desktop to the minister on February 28th, 2019. The project will see the sharing of map layers from various Ministries of Government on one platform focusing on disaster risk management. Each layer will provide key information for the planning of various components of disaster risk management such as, Transportation/Evacuation; Health (hospitals/ health centers, etc); Water Resources; Fuel Resources; Shelters; Access to food; Road Networks; and Schools.

The platform of the RMGIR is a virtual tool which makes available to governments, institutions and related actors the information products generated for the identification of threats and vulnerabilities, as well as geospatial information in terms of cartography, agrology, cadastre and geography. The map layers are guaranteed by the governments that upload them both nationally and regionally.

The platform that will be used for these maps has the ability to run scenarios on the possible effects that various natural events may cause. It will enable NEMO to focus its planning on targeted areas of highest vulnerability; and the addition of the two computer systems will serve to better equip NEMO to work more efficiently to continue its mapping program in collaboration with other ministries of Government.

The donation was presented on Friday, March 1, 2019 at the Mesoamerican Disaster Risk Management Project Meetings which were conducted at the Radisson Fort George.

NEMO Receives Equipment from Mesoamerican Project

NEMO Receives Equipment from Mesoamerican Project

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