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Public Advisory on Illegal Peddling of Medicines

The Ministry of Health alerts the public on the identification of products that are being sold as medicines but not officially recognized and registered by the Ministry of Health. Two recent inspections resulted in the identification and subsequent confiscation of these types of products and other related supplies from peddlers/street vendors. The Ministry advises that peddling of medicines is illegal.

The products being sold by the street vendors pose a health risk as these may be falsified, substandard and/or unregistered medicines that are sold by non-professionals. The public is encouraged to visit only licensed pharmacies that have registered pharmacists providing pharmaceutical service to the community.

The Ministry has recently published the list of pharmacies for easy access by district:…/List%20of%20Licensed%20Pharmaceutica…

Licensed Retail Establishments in San Pedro:

*Heart Pharmacy – Swann Street
*Spiez Pharmacy – Pescador Drive
*The Unique Pharmacy – Buccaneer Street
*Dr. Rayo Medical Office & Pharmacy – Laguna Drive
*Umana Enterprises Ltd– Barrier Reef Drive

Persons can also report any suspicious medicine to the Drug Inspectorate Unit in Belmopan at 828-4489 or send an email to

For more information, contact:

Mrs. Samira Gongora
Pharmacy Department
Ministry of Health

Mrs. Danini Marin
Drug Inspectorate Unit
Ministry of Health

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