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BTB Launches New Season Of The Belizean Traveller Campaign

The  Belize  Tourism  Board’s  (BTB)  long  awaited Belizean  Traveller  Campaign,  which  encourages  Belizeans  to  be tourists  in  our  country,  was officially launched on Thursday, August 15, 2019, at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City.

The  campaign  is  a  joint  venture  between  the  BTB  and  the  Belize  Hotel  Association  (BHA).Its specific objectives include:

* Create awareness of Belize as a destination to its residents and citizens
* Boost domestic tourism and allow Belizeans to enjoy attractive discounts being offered by the industry in collaboration with BHA.
* Highlight what Belize has to offer as a perfect vacation paradise educating all on the activities and amenities of our hotels and resorts
* Allow the traveller to enjoy the scenery, their vacation and breath-taking Zmemories.
* Promote our unique Belizean Culture, traditions and folklore.
*  Offer  Belizeans  an  opportunity  for  relaxation -invest  in  their  family -take  a  well-deserved summer break.
* Adventure -tap into your adventurous side.

This year the campaign is focusing on Belize’s tourism product and attractions under three main themes: Friends, Family and Couples.

During the launching, Mrs Jocelle Stephen, Manager of BTB’s Marketing and Industry Relations Unit,  said:  “When  you  make  plans  for  fun,  adventure  or  relaxation  all  these  three  themes  are inextricably  interrelated.  They  are  so  coherent  that  only  so  can  you  indeed  experience  the  true meaning of enjoyment.” She added: “Our Jewel is a desired place to visit and is undoubtedly an attraction. Belize is our backyard; as citizens and residents we are privileged to live where thousands vacation. Therefore, the value of both international and domestic tourism cannot be underestimated. Domestic tourism is  crucial  to  stabilize  the  seasonal  flows  of  tourism;  it  is  important  to  get  heads  in  bed  all  year round and to facilitate our very own Belizeans experiencing the beauty of our Jewel. We recognize the need to channel attention, to invest time, energy, effort and resources to encourage you to Be a Belizean Traveller.”

The  campaign  will  run  from  August  to  the  end  of  October.  The highlight will be a video competition on the subject WHAT WOULD BE YOUR IDEAL VACATION AS A BELIZEAN TRAVELLER. The  first  five  videos  that  meet  the  criteria  will  be  uploaded  on  the  BTB’s  social media page. The video with the most reactions and shares shall be the winner of a grand vacation prize worth $4,000. It will also include the participation of local influencer, Marlyn Vansen, who hits the Belizean Traveller campaign road trail and will be posting updates on her travels on her Facebook and Instagram pages. This year the BTB has enhanced its marketing material through three videos highlighting the three main themes. Please visit the following links to see the videos.

Belizean Traveller Friends Experience

Belizean Traveller Couples Experience

Belizean Traveller Family Experience

The Belize Hotel Association (BHA) has jumped into the band wagon to offer numerous discounts through its members during the campaign. A new microsite page on the special promotions being offered to Belizeans by the BHA members was also created.

During  the  launching  ceremony,  Ms  Ilechia  Flowers,  BHA’s  Marketing Director,said“Today marks the  second  year  collaborating  with  the  BTB  on  the  Belizean  Traveller  Campaign.The BHA,whose mission is to promote sustainable tourism in Belize, places great effort into marketing our  members,  locally  and  internationally.We  represent  over  100  members  who  are  excited  to participate  in  this  campaign.Our  members  have  offered  amazing  discounts  not  only  on accommodations  but  also  on  signature  tours  allowing  Belizeans  to  explore  the  beautyof  this beloved Jewel of ours.”

At the ceremony, Ignacio Mahung and Jaime Rodriguez, winners of vacation packages from last year’s campaign, presented their personal experience being Belizean Travellers. Both said it was a lifetime vacation with their families.

To keep updated on the progress of the campaign and how to enter the video competition Belizeans can   tune   into   interactive live   TV   and   radio   shows   countrywide   and   through   the   BTB’s BelizeanTraveller Facebook Page

Throughout the month’s campaign, BTB hopes to create increased awareness of Belize’s regions and products to its residents and citizens, highlighting the scenery and rich culture of a world class authentic destination -BELIZE, a Curious Place!

BTB Launches New Season Of The Belizean Traveller Campaign

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