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Taiwan Embassy Says News of 2000 Chinese Moving to Belize is Fake

Embassy Of The Republic Of China (Taiwan) Cautions The General Public In Belize About A Fake Press Release

 September 24, 2019, BELIZE CITY, BELIZE—The  Embassy  of  the  Republic  of  China  (Taiwan)in  Belize hereby wishes  to  clarify that  a  press release, unauthorized but claimed to be issued under the Embassy’s name, now being circulated on  social  media  with  fabricated  content concerning  comments  made  by the Embassy  and  the government of Belize is purely FAKE! The Embassy condemns such a disinformation operation maliciously targeting the Embassy and our Belizean friends with purposeful intention to mislead the public to false understanding of certain aspects of Belize-Taiwan relations.

As described in the FAKE press release that “in 2020 more than 2000 Chinese will be moving to the  country  with  their  families,” the  Embassy also  wishes  to  remind our Belizean  friends  to exercise necessary caution  and  sound  judgment  to  this  obvious  manipulation  of  fake  news.  The Embassy represents solely the interest of the government and 23 million people of Taiwan, and hence without any responsibility or authority related to the handling of any immigration issues of Chinese Nationals to Belize. The  Embassy  simply  has  no  such  plans  of  moving  any  Chinese Nationals to Belize and will never do so.

In  fact,  the  government  and  people  of  Taiwan do remain  committed  to  the  promotion  of investment and trade ties between Belize and Taiwan. In that regard, our two governments signed a  Letter  of  Intent  (LOI)on  August  15,  2019to kick  off the  negotiation  of  a  Partial  Scope Agreement  (PSA) to further  enhance the  investment  and  trade relations  between our  two countries,  aiming  to  benefit  our  business  communities,  farmers,  fishermen  and  ranchers,  but surely no Chinese immigrants involved.

The  Embassy  again  wishes  to  advise  the  general  public in  Belize to  be  keenly  aware of the accuracy  and  truthfulness of  any  circulated  information  on  the  social  media.  If you have any questions  or  inquiries about  matters  or  news  related  to  Taiwan, please  feel  free  to  call  the Embassy  at  223-1862  /  227-8744  or  visit  our  official  website:, facebook page “Taiwan in Belize” and twitter account @TW_Belize.

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