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Belize Port Authority Charges Boat Captain and Operators in Water-taxi Explosion

On May 5, 2019 Yamiri Jasmine Guy and Kimberly Melissa Guy lost their lives and several other passengers sustained various injuries on board a water-taxi owned by San Pedro Jets Xpress, being operated by Ocean Ferry Belize which exploded. The Belize Port Authority conducted investigations and has levied charges against the boat captain and both water-taxi operators.

According to reports the Belize Port Authority has conducted an inquiry into the explosion on board the water taxi. The inquiry was conducted by the Belize Port Authority and include statements obtained by the police, from key witnesses and experts, and other evidence gathered in the course of the inquiry.

Mr. Ernesto Delgado, ship master of the vessel at the time of the incident; San Pedro Water Jets International Limited being the operator of the vessel and Ocean Ferry Belize Limited, the water taxi service operator are all jointly being charged for causing the deaths of Yamir Guy and Kimberly Guy, Causing a vessel that was unsafe to be sent on a voyage; and attempting to send a vessel that was unsafe on a voyage.

The principal findings are that the explosion occurred due to a build-up of fumes from fuel leakage in an enclosed compartment, which was then ignited by a spark created by a wire attached to the bilge pump.

The Belize Port Authority once again expresses its regrets to all those affected by the incident and extends its condolences to the family of the children who lost their lives; and, expect those responsible would be held accountable. (News Source: Jose A. Sanchez)

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