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Ocean Commits Over $2Million Dollars to Assist Fishers Transition from Gillnet Use

Oceana And The Belize Coalition For Sustainable Fisheries Commit Over Bz$2million Dollars To Assist Fishers Transitioning Away From Gillnet Use In Belize’s Waters

Oceana and the Belize Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries have committed via written letters of intent to the Government of Belize, over BZ$ 2 Million dollars to assist Belizean fishers transition away from gillnet use in Belize’s waters.

Both Oceana  and the  Coalition require  that  the  Government  of  Belize  take  the  necessary  legal  steps  in 2019 to declare a ban on gillnets beginning in 2020. This policy change will support sustainable fisheries management efforts and ensure that Belizean fishers will always be able to fish.

Eligible beneficiaries for this initiative have been identified by the Belize Fisheries Department in response to the request made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Gillnets are notorious for indiscriminately trapping and killing marine life.  This  practice,  if  allowed  to continue,  will  continue  to  jeopardize  biodiversity,  the  fishing  and  tourism  industries  and  our  own  food security.  

Moreover, gillnets are the gear of choice for illegal fishing which continues to degrade the integrity of our marine resources, threatens our national security, undermines Belizean livelihoods and further comprises our food security. Addressing illegal fishing activity in Belizean water is, and therefore, should be treated as an urgent national priority.

Both  Oceana  and  the  Coalition  remain  committed  to  supporting  fishers  as  they  transition  away  from gillnet use in Belize’s waters.

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