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Hol Chan Marine Reserve Charges Fishermen for Fisheries Offenses

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, the Hol Chan Reserve Enforcement team, led by operations Manager, Shalini Cawich, embarked on a strategic patrol within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. In the vicinity of Tres Cocos Channel, the patrol team encountered a fishing vessel with two fishers in the water. Due diligence was done, and the vessel was searched which led to the discovery of parrot fish, fish fillet without skin patch, lobster with spawn and undersized lobster. The fishers, Giovanni Reyes and Jose Marroquin were arrested and successfully prosecuted in the San Pedro Magistrate court. Charges brought forward against the two fishermen include:

“Possession of Parrot Fish”, “Possession of fillet without a skin patch”, “Possession of undersized lobster”, “Possession of lobster with spawn”, “Engaged in commercial fishing whilst not being the holder of a valid ‘fisherman’s license’” and “use of a vessel for commercial fishing without a valid boat license to fish.”

A total fine of $6,125.00 was levied to be paid by January 4, 2020 or four months in prison in default.

This adds to the four cases that Hol Chan has successfully prosecuted for 2019, with one case still pending in court. Hol Chan has significantly increased monitoring and surveillance and the number of strategic patrols within the entire Hol Chan Marine Reserve. We would like to remind the general public that any offences against the Fisheries Act and Hol Chan Marine Reserve Act can lead to prosecution.

Kindly note that all persons on a fishing vessel, engaged in commercial fishing are required to have a fisherfolk license and that the vessel must also be registered with the Fisheries Department to engage in commercial fishing. All marine products must be within season and meet the legally required size limits.

Anyone who has any information on Fisheries Violation or other concerns can contact the Hol Chan Marine Reserve at 226-2247 or via whatsapp at 670-7949. –End Press Release

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Charges Fishermen for Fisheries Offenses

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