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Man Claiming Tupac Shakur is 'alive and well in Belize'

Various online articles have surfaced of a man claiming that Tupac is alive and living in Belize. A private investigator named Jimmy Poole has claimed that there is proof that rapper Tupac Shakur is living in Belize’.

Jimmy Poole has been looking into Tupac’s death to see if there is any truth that he is still alive, especially seeing that Las Vegas police still have his file open, despite being shot before dying on September 13, 1996.

According to the Mirror Online, Jimmy Poole told them that there was new information that points to the rapper is still alive and well in Central America, hiding in Belize.

The investigator has leaked a new photo of the rapper on his YouTube channel and is convinced that it is the real thing. The photo shows Tupac ‘in his 40’s’ and posing with a fan (looking like Shyne Barrow) in a restaurant.

Followers of the late star are not so convinced though, commenting on the video that it “looks photoshopped’ as the head does not ‘match the neck’.

Poole has also released an audio in which he alleges has Tupac talking. In the audio recording you can hear Tupac (supposedly) saying: “Dam man… I’m fine, I ain’t got no problems with anybody, I wish peace and happiness, there was nowhere else to go, nobody else wanted to take me, “But all I kept in my mind is one day I’ll be back!”

Poole believes the audio is real and is working on authenticating the photo but he has stated that this was part of the rapper’s intentions to send a message to his fans to let them know he is planning a return. Read the full article here:…

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