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Bowen and Bowen Increases Plastic Bottle Recycling Capacity

In a press release sent out today, Thursday, June 24, 2021, B&B Beverages stated that it recognizes that proper waste management is a significant issue facing the country and has committed to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The Company has installed balers at five locations across Belize to increase its exportation of plastic bottles to neighboring countries for recycling.

When the Crystal Bottling Company and Belize Brewing Company were established in 1944 and 1969, respectively, their main products – beer and carbonated beverages – were all packaged and sold in returnable glass bottles. While consumer demand led most countries to shift aggressively to one-way packages, B&B Beverages continues to promote and market returnable glass for its superior consumer experience and low environmental impact. Today glass represents 100% of its beer sales and approximately 60% of its soft drink business.

Bowen and Bowen Increases Recycling Plastic Bottle Capacity

Bowen and Bowen Increases Recycling Plastic Bottle Capacity
For the soft drink business not in glass, the Company collects, bales, and exports the plastic bottles returned by consumers. This effort started with one baler at the Ladyville Sales Centre. Today, the Company has installed balers at five locations across Belize. Returned bottles are perforated first to allow for better compaction and then baled. The bales are exported to neighboring countries for recycling. There, the material is returned to pellet form and recycled for other beneficial uses.

B&B Beverages indicates that Belize has one of the highest recycling rates in the global Coca-Cola system. Approximately 55% of bottles are returned, which translates to almost 300 tons of packaging that would otherwise end up in landfills. In partnership with consumers and consistent with its mission of “Pursuing Excellence for a Stronger Belize,” the Company plans to increase this amount to continue benefitting our country and the world we share.

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