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Price of Flour Not Going Up, as Rumored

The Supplies Control Unit (SCU) of the Belize Bureau of Standards has received reports of an increase in the price of wheat flour countrywide. The SCU advises the public that there has been no change to the controlled price for Bebe Agua and La Gitana flour in the marketplace. Such change would require discussions with the Belize ADM (flour mill) and an approval by the Government of Belize. The reports of flour price increase above the controlled prices are, therefore, not substantiated.

The unit takes this opportunity to remind consumers that as per Supplies Control Regulations, the SCU is mandated to regulate price-controlled goods (PCG’s), which includes but are not limited to sugar, flour, beans, grade C rice, 16 oz loaf bread (sliced and unsliced), liquefied petroleum gas, fuel (diesel, premium, regular and kerosene), and general sanitizers and cleaners. Any commodity outside the scope of the PCG’s regime does not fall within the jurisdiction of the SCU.

Consumers are advised to be vigilant during this time and report any issues that may be encountered in the marketplace by calling our Consumer Protection Toll free line at (0-800-283-5587).

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