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Belize Implements Significant Increase in Airport Fee for Visitors

In a move that will have a big impact on travelers, Belize is set to implement a substantial increase in one of its airport fees for foreign visitors starting from August 1 this year. The adjustment, known as the “Belize Airports Authority Airport Development and Passenger Service Fees,” will witness a doubling of the fee from its previous amount of $18 to $36, significantly raising the cost of air travel for tourists.

Let’s explore the implications of this change and how it will affect travel expenses:

  • Revised Airport Fee: The newly passed statutory instrument in Belize stipulates that the airport fee, previously set at $18, will be raised to $36 for foreign visitors. This 100% increase in the fee, formally known as the “Belize Airports Authority Airport Development and Passenger Service Fees,” will have a direct impact on the overall travel expenses incurred by tourists departing from Belize. Consequently, these visitors will now be required to pay an estimated total of $147 Belize dollars in fees.

  • Funding the Airport Development: This adjustment in airport fees is part of the government’s strategy to finance a comprehensive $264-million master plan for the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA). Cabinet had previously announced this extensive upgrade for the PGIA in March, stating that the funding for the new investments would be facilitated through approved adjustments to the non-Belizean airport development fee. The doubled fee represents a significant portion of this financing plan.

  • Travel Cost Implications: The sharp increase in airport fees is expected to impact the overall cost of traveling to Belize for foreign visitors. As these new changes take effect, tourists planning trips to the country will need to factor in these higher fees into their travel budgets. It becomes crucial for travelers to consider the revised expenses associated with airport fees while making financial preparations for their visit to Belize.

With the impending increase in airport fees for foreign visitors, Belize is gearing up for a significant shift in travel costs. As tourists make plans to explore the country’s attractions, it is essential to be aware of the updated fees and account for them when budgeting for their trip. By staying informed about these changes, travelers can ensure a smooth and financially prepared journey to Belize.

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