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Triple R Boosts Emergency Services with New Ambulance for Island Community

San Pedro, Belize – Triple R, the renowned emergency response organization, is thrilled to announce the addition of a brand new ambulance to their fleet, further strengthening their commitment to providing exceptional emergency services to the island community. This year alone, Triple R has delivered a total of three emergency vehicles to Belize, serving both San Pedro and the mainland.

The overwhelming support from the community of San Pedro has been instrumental in making this expansion possible. Triple R expresses their deep gratitude to all the individuals within the Government of Belize who have played a vital role in facilitating this initiative.

Mike Ruiz, RRR Evacc leadership, shares his vision for fostering a safe environment and safeguarding tourism, which ultimately enhances the livelihoods of all residents. He extends his heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved with Triple R and those who have made these advancements possible.

Triple R Boosts Emergency Services with New Ambulance for Island Community

With the organization responding to numerous emergencies on a daily basis, the addition of this new ambulance is cause for celebration. Designed to navigate the narrow streets and alleys of San Pedro with ease, this smaller yet fully equipped and air-conditioned ambulance will enhance Triple R’s response capabilities.

Traci Curtin, founder of RRR Water, emphasizes the dedication of the Triple R team to continually seek better and more efficient ways to serve the community. With over 1,000 responses to date, Triple R understands the indispensable role they play in San Pedro and the reliance the community places upon them. The volunteers at Triple R work tirelessly, selflessly providing aid to residents and visitors, with a primary objective of reducing response time and preserving human life.

The organization remains unwavering in its commitment to improving the quality of care and protecting the local tourism industry. Collaboration with their partner, RRR Air Evacc, and the dedicated Triple R team remains at the core of their mission.

The introduction of this new ambulance underscores Triple R’s unwavering dedication to the residents of San Pedro, ensuring effective emergency response and efficient transportation to medical facilities. The organization aims to empower their team in emergency response and management, continuously striving to elevate the level of care provided.

Triple R extends heartfelt thanks to their dedicated tour guides and volunteers, who are the true heroes of their operation. Special recognition is given to Mr. Phillip Billy Leslie for his exemplary leadership in daily operations and responses. The organization is grateful for the unwavering support from Hon. Minister Andre Perez, Mayor Wally Nunez, and the San Pedro Town Council. Caribbean Queen Freight Company, represented by Mr. Alex Eiley, Mr. Ellis Eiley Sr., and Mr. Ellis Eiley Jr., also receives sincere appreciation for their significant contributions to Triple R and the San Pedro community. Triple R remains committed to collaborating with government departments and NGOs for the betterment of La Isla Bonita.

With the addition of the new ambulance, Triple R stands poised to further elevate emergency response capabilities, ensuring the safety and well-being of the island community in San Pedro.

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