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Danny Guerrero to Replace Jazelie Azueta as Belize Rural South UDP Standard Bearer

It’s a big political shakeup for the UDP and Belize Rural South. The United Democratic Party (UDP) has announced that Danny Guerrero, a former three-term mayor of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is taking over from Jazeli Azueta as their candidate for Belize Rural South.

Why the change? Well, Azueta got the boot from the party’s national executive after she publicly criticized the UDP on Facebook. Ouch! Opposition leader Shyne Barrow confirmed Guerrero’s appointment after weeks of consultations with potential candidates. When asked about the choice, Barrow remained optimistic, saying, “Mr. Guerrero, a former three-time mayor, is going to bring his winning ways to Belize Rural South and deliver that seat for us.”

Barrow dismissed concerns about the UDP’s prospects, boldly declaring, “We will win Belize Rural South. If we don’t win anything, Belize Rural South will be one of the constituencies we do win, and Mr. Guerrero left politics as a winner.”

Jazelie Azueta expressed her concerns over the decision of having her removed as UDP Standard Bearer for Belize Rural South and had some things to say about UDP Leader Shyne Barrow. You can read more on her Facebook Post below:

Danny Guerrero to Replace Jazeli Azueta as Belize Rural South  UDP Standard Bearer

“First of all, I must say that the recent events including my expulsion as Standard Bearer has brought the United Democratic Party to an all time low. It has eroded the most basic core value of the party which is the democratic process.

When the decision was made by the Party Leader, and the central executive to carry out a demonstration during the Investment Summit, the majority of our executive committee in the Belize Rural South decided that it was not a wise decision to do so. We advised our Party Leader and he insisted that it be done, despite the relevant authority’s denial to legally do so.
If the Party Leader had a more thoughtful approach, he would have held off from carrying out such a demonstration especially in light of the BRS’s decision against it as well as the authorities denial for it to be held. However, the Party Leader showed what has been clearly his modus operandi which is a high handed approach to running the party.

We chose to disassociate ourselves from the said demonstration and the rest is history. The demonstration turned out to be one of the worst political fiasco that has ever been seen with none other than the Party Chairman spewing out vulgarities on livestream on social media. This was far more damaging to the UDP than our disagreement with his decision to demonstrate. we, the Brs committee, had every right to disagree with him without being expelled from the party. Shyne Barrow in the past and in this case chose to act unchecked and to get rid of anyone who does not follow his whims and desires.” – Jazelie Azueta


The choice of Guerrero as the standard-bearer came after extensive consultations among party executives and stakeholders. “The executive believes that Mr. Guerrero is the suitable candidate to lead Belize Rural South to victory,” Barrow explained.

While the UDP seems confident in their choice, only the upcoming elections will reveal whether Danny Guerrero’s past political success can translate into a much-needed win for the UDP. The election campaign is expected to heat up in the coming months, and it remains to be seen if Guerrero can secure that crucial victory for the party. Stay tuned!

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