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Belikin Christmas Tree

Check out this great-looking Christmas Tree that belongs to Annie Marlin of Washington, USA. Everyone who knows her calls her ‘Mama Anne’ as she has been coming to Belize for over ten years now. This is what she had to say about her Christmas Tree that she loves very much.

Mama Anne:
“I did the tree for myself as I wanted a Belize Christmas tree to enjoy so I would have part of Belize with me at Christmas time. Beer coasters! I thought would work – you have Belikin, Belize and a Mayan Temple – perfect!

I needed a tree topper so the Belikin bottle went on the tree top. The tree was put up since last year 2009 and I never took it down. I left it up all year and probably will leave it up; it has become part of my house as all my Belize treasures have. I love my tree; it makes me smile and brings warmth to my heart when I see it and I see it many times a day. I feel honored that you would like to use the picture. I hope others will enjoy it as much as I enjoy my tree. Happy Holidays”
Annie Shelton Wash

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