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Titans Mas Band Takes King & Queen of Belize Carnival Titles

The King and Queen of Belize Carnival were selected over the weekend as September Celebrations in Belize kick up in high gear. The main attraction of the month-long celebrations is, of course, the Belize City Carnival Road March Parade that will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2016.

The Titans Mas Band Carnival Group has proven to be a top contender for the Carnival King and Queen competition as they rose to the top once again for a consecutive year. The group’s King Karkinus and Queen La Sirene have been selected as the winners of this year’s competition in the Seniors Division under their theme of Secrets of the Sea.

Titans Mas Band will once again be a highlight of the Belize City Carnival Road March where they will be joined by various other groups, jumping up to the celebration of Belize’s Independence.

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1st place

Queen La Sirene: Titans Mas Band
King Karkinus: Titans Mas Band
Theme: Secrets of the Sea

Titans Mas Band Take King & Queen of Carnival Titles

David Matus and Roberto Pasos creators of Carnival King and Queen Costumes

Titans Mas Band Take King & Queen of Carnival Titles

2nd place
Queen Ara: Sunshine Masqueraders Mas Band Theme “Birds of Belize”
King Afrique: Mother Nature Theme “Our Diverse Ancestry, Our Panoramic Culture, One People!”

3rd place
Queen Flora, Mistress of the Secret Garden: Belizean Jewels Theme “The Love Story of Flora & Karibe in Secrets of the Garden”
King Foresio, Ruler of the Mythical Rainforest: Soca Moca Carnival Band Theme “From the Ridges to the Reef: The Mythical Rainforest & Amazing Barrier Reef”

1st place

Queen Renata: Jump Street Posse
King Fayah Bun: Jump Street Posse
Theme “Burn to emerge”

2nd place
Queen Gia, Goddess of the Earth: Trenchtown Masqueraders Theme “Belize: Our Tropical Paradise”
King Aron: Pickstock Carnival Band Theme “A New Day’s Dawn”

3rd place
Queen Amara: Pickstock Carnival Band Theme “A New Day’s Dawn”
King Lionel: Collet Royal Revellers Theme “Protection of Our Jewel”

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