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Pic of the Week

Stunning images that capture the beauty of our island and its people. A new picture posted weekly.

sahara dust makes for gloomy skies in belize

Sahara Dust Makes for Gloomy Skies

So, have you heard about this Sahara Dust thing? Apparently, it’s been around forever, but it’s only recently that modern forecasts have clued us in on this natural phenomenon. It’s kind of wild to think about, right? I mean, back in the day, we’d just see cloudy skies and maybe

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Pic of the Week – The Nativity

Christmas is almost here and everyone has decorated their home with beautiful Christmas Trees and colorful lights. This year to add more to the beautification of our Central Park, a beautiful Nativity set was

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Would You Dare Eat Conch Penis?

“It’s the BEST part of Conch Season in Belize!” said Lisette Graniel Chacon as she snapped this pic of a handful of conch penis. She then continued to eat them raw!! Conch season in

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Costa Maya Festival Gearing Up for 2018

Miss Costa Maya 2017, Miss Belize Michelle Nuñez says she’s had a wonderful year as representative of the Costa Maya Festival and eight participating countries. She is counting the days to the festival and

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Sargasso Hide and Seek

We have to laugh at the positive attitude Lisa and Ronnie Cyrier took when they saw a new batch of sargassum rolling onto shore. “New game in San Pedro: Where’s Ronnie???” They asked. LOL!

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Belize is Full of Great Friends

“Another great day chillin with my buddy Crush!” Josh Nunez makes it into our Picture of the Week once again with another fantastic underwater picture. He is always making friends at the Marine Reserves

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