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Thriving in Crisis

Prosperity is attitude and behavior non reliant of economic situations
– Emmanuel

You don’t have to look far to hear about crisis today. It’s all around us and all over the world news – relationships falling apart, people losing jobs, homes, life savings, health decline resulting from a stressful economy. Market crashes have left many investors broke. Crisis in a natural part of life; all you have to do is look at nature.

Crisis can be painful and we can experience loss; it is often a time of major transition throughout our lives. Crisis tests your internal strength and weaknesses. A state of emergency in our lives forces us to make decisions that were often ignored. Crisis can also lead to magical changes to unpleasant habits. This change can create mystical awakening or transformation. Crisis can help you move to create your deepest desire, even though you might be afraid to take the first steps to go for what you dream. Often crisis comes when we have gone too far and are jeopardizing our well being it’s God’s way of getting us back on track when we are falling off the path.

As world economy downturns, keep in mind that it is possible to thrive no matter what others are saying. You have a choice about what attitude and actions to take. If you refuse to adopt the mindset of those running around right now predicting the sky is falling, you will be able to look back on the era of gloom and doom with a smile on your face and a life you can bank on. Before falling into negative self talk, go for a walk in town and you will see people, eating in restaurants, shopping, buildings going up, life is continuing, there is still money exchanging hands. It’s up to you what you to be part of the transaction.

In time of crisis, stay positive. Notice what you’re saying to yourself and others. Stay away from others who are focused on disaster. No matter what is said, no one knows the future. Instead of saying,” things are getting tough” or “business is slow” replace it with, “making money comes easy” and “I am busy, money flows effortlessly to me”.

Don’t waste your time placing blame. Whatever happened between you, your partner or business association to create the current situation can’t be reversed. It’s best to cut your losses, settle disputes and move on. There are many factors why things happen the way they do. The best you can do is to take responsibility for your part in the crisis. Use the lesson to create wisdom to make your life better.

It seems the news media is constantly telling us the bad news about failed business. Television news informs, but you can also be filled with a narrow focus depending on the station. What’s happening in the world does not always match what’s on the news. Watch what you view on TV. Limit your viewing and get your information from other sources if possible. Read your local newspaper.

Stop and smell the roses. Take time out to play and enjoy life where you are now. When crisis happens it’s time to slow down and reassess what has real value. Do the things that make you happy. According to research when we create happy vibrations, it increases our potential for abundance and well being in our lives.

Be creative about where your money comes from. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify. Create more source of income, think of ways to grow your finances that adds little effort on your part. If one well dries up you will have another source to draw on.

Keep shouting what you do! Don’t stop advertising your services. Unless people know what you do and where to find you they can’t use your service. Dig deeper into your market and see if there are new ways to reach different groups of people for your service. Provide extra service for your current customers. Service will always win over when comparing product to productivity.

Below are the finer points to help you maintain mental balance in economic crisis. Manage your mindset and the rest becomes easy.

  1. Stay positive in time of crisis
  2. Take responsibility and move on
  3. Focus on the positive aspects of your life
  4. Limit your TV news viewing
  5. Take time to play. Do what brings you joy
  6. Diversify. Find creative ways to generate income
  7. Keep advertising what you do
  8. Service your existing clientele

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