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Everyday Miracles

“You can live your life as though everything is a miracle, or as though nothing is. One way gives you appreciation and gratitude, the other leaves you constantly searching. The choice is yours.”

Last week on TV, CNN interviewed three of the passengers of flight 1549. If you can recall, this flight was named “The Miracle on the Hudson.” This was an amazing story of survival. The captain and pilot was able to land a stricken US Airways jet in the Hudson river – and made sure everybody got out alive.

They had experienced engine failure just after takeoff and had to make a crash landing in the river. With water seeping into the plane – and all his 150 passengers and four other crew members safe – Captain Sullenberger walked up and down the center aisle twice to make sure nobody was left before he, too, fled the jet.

All three survivors being interviewed felt they had experience a miracle. Of all three, only one was religious, but the other two agreed that the safe landing of the plane was an act outside the norm. Everything happened too perfectly, they said.  They were also in agreement that the experience changed their lives: they stopped sweating the small stuff and live everyday doing what is meaningful to each of them.

What do you think constitutes a miracle? The dictionary states: Miracle: 1 extraordinary event attributed to some supernatural agency. 2 remarkable occurrences. 3 remarkable specimen.

Everyday there are miracles all around us, but we fail to notice. Just consider breathing, we take in an invisible substance that help pump our heart and send life giving blood all throughout our bodies.

Walking is another miracle, most animals have four legs that’s understandable, but humans stumble along on one leg at a time. We are constantly unbalanced before the next foot hits the ground. When we consider all the muscles involved to accomplish this feat-it’s a miracle.

Centuries ago, before science the ancients saw all occurrences as amazing, it’s true, they were also superstitious. But today science explains so much we have lost some of the reverence for life. Awesome thing are taken for granted for instance: just consider the earth rotating around the sun, the birth of a newborn, your kid finally understanding why he/she should clean up. At the right time all can be a miracle.

When you find you are allowing the world’s problems to close in on you, just consider one of the small miracles in your life. It’s guaranteed to get your mind back in perspective.

Instead of rushing through life focused only on your destination, take time to slow down and look. Everything is a source of wisdom if you are ready to listen. Insights to all your answers can be found anywhere, a newspaper, the shape of a cloud, the child crying on the bus, the sound of a bird. Can you hear the message? Begin to view your life as a spiritual experience. Miracles are yours to have. It is a gift from the most high.

What are you asking for? Ask and it is given. Don’t take your life for granted, live everyday as a miracle and you will feel blessed, enjoy every moment. Whenever you have a problem, close your eyes; ask your most important question. Know there is a solution and expect miracles.

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