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Tsunami Dream Landing

 “Other people and their opinions hold no power in defining our destiny.” – Oprah

Last Friday at the Sunbreeze Hotel, there was a great commotion around five pm. The manager of the hotel rushed passed me in the hall shouting. “He’s landing now!! Pushing the hotel door outward, I watched as she darted across coconut drive to the airstrip. A bewildered tourist standing by turned to me asking. “Is there a famous person landing in San Pedro? “Yes!” I replied, as I rushed out the lobby behind the manager to be one of the many greeters from the hotel.

Years ago when I opened my Art Gallery at the Sunbreeze Hotel, I met a young man. He was a bellboy at that time and while mopping the floor in the lobby he would stop and tell me his dream. “One day I am going to fly planes, I am going to become a pilot.” I didn’t go to school as far as I could, but I know I can do it.” Often times when I would hear the other employees teasing him about his dream saying, “how could he make it with his lack of education, living on a small island in Belize, on a bellboy salary? I would wish him a silent prayer to stay strong.

As I watched the plane land, seeing him emerge from the copilot seat, joy filled my heart. He stepped into the small crowd of well-wishers, who cheered, cried and celebrated his arrival back to San Pedro. Solomon had landed his dream. Dreams are what the world is made of, and when you dream with good intentions the universe conspire to make it so. There is an invisible supply that is the divine stream of all aspiration. When we align ourselves with these principles we create magic. This source is in all of us and when we activate it with loving intentions we create a winning conspiracy. Universal alignment came in many different forms for Solomon’s dream. Tsunami Divers, Deanne, Steven, Julia, Karen, Rich, Kristine, Alec, Morgan, Pat, Tom, Dick and Harry, Family, Friends, Ambergris Message Board, Strangers, Time, Money and much more, came into play a part. We are all reflections of the universal Source-Gods invisible supply. People and opportunities appear to pave the way when we show true passion for our dream.

Do you believe in yourself? Are you competent in your faith for your desire? Are you persistent and patient in the right measure? Do you have the courage to listen to the deep inner knowing voice- against the advice of many others? Many times we never realize what we are meant to be because were so busy trying to live out someone else’s ideas. What I know is when you are ready to surrender your plans, dreams and goals to the higher power that is greater than other people and yourself you engage the power to land your dream.

Below are some tips for flying your own wings and making your dream real:
*Be specific in creating your dream. Clarity provides tremendous power.
*Once you have a clear vision, you must release your attachment to how you think it’s supposed to manifest. Trust the universal forces.
*Focus on your dream every day. Live as if it already happened.
*Find people who are living their dream and study them.
*Living your dream will require help. In order to focus on the things you do particularly well, it is imperative to ask for help.

People help people that are thankful and humble. So never forget where you started.
*Live your passion, because joy is more contagious than hate.
*Everyone has a chance to be famously good at being themselves.

Solomon Williams Pilots for Tsunami Sky Divers

Twenty-eight year-old, Solomon Williams had been working at the Sunbreeze Hotel as a bell boy with hopes and dreams of one day becoming a pilot.

“Living next to the airstrip, I always used to sit on my verandah and watch the planes day by day dreaming that I could one day be on the pilot seat,” commented Solomon to Ambergris Today. “And now thanks to Mr. Rich Grimm, Kristine, the Tsunami Sky Divers, my girlfriend Dianni Wade and family members, my dream is coming true.”

Solomon received the support, as well some financial aid, from Mr. Grimm and applied for a student loan and has been studying in Jet Aeronautical in San Diego, California. Solomon is building up his flight hours with the Tsunami Sky Divers as he is Mark Deley’s co-pilot for all the time that the group of skydivers is here.

There is nothing wrong with hitching your wagon to a star and following your dreams; with determination and dedication anything is possible. Kudos to Solomon!

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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