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Finding Balance

 “Life is like riding a bike, to keep balance you Must keep moving”  -Albert Einstein

Years ago when my partner and I came to live in San Pedro, we were downsizing and getting away from excess along with the new worlds’ demands- seeking simplicity and solitude away from the wheel of technology. For many people we met on the Island back then it was the same. It wasn’t about money-living here was about dropping out, living a fantasy, communing with nature, fishing, swimming and laying out. These and simple balance was the claim.

Today though is different. The third world is now the first-One global economy. Beachsellers with ipods, timeshare romance, fishing with cellphones, carving with powertools instead of machete. San Pedro is now competing for a shrinking tourist pie. We are in excess and the world demands more money, more laws, and more competition. Small countries have to conform to survive. Where is the balance? The rat race is at our doorstep just walk in the street, traffic, screaming billboards, car horns are just a few of the big world challenges that come with progress.

If you came here from somewhere else finding balance is still the same. You have to find it within because no matter where you go, you take yourself with you and you carry everything inside more that you know. But, you can never stop trying to find balance, improving your life. One day you will do well, the next you might be struggling. Each day you must plod on. Never ceasing or you might slide back. “We shall not cease from exploring. And at the end of our exploration we will return to where we started and know the place for the first time.

– T.S. Eliot

Many of us juggle things endlessly searching for balance. We just want to be on solid ground. Paradoxically there is nothing to achieve but acceptance. The idea of balance sounds good. A great social life, great health, financial success, more time, less stress, a great family life, and so on… Life is like walking: Both feet, then one foot, then off balance, then stopping and starting over again. Sometimes we get caught up with the day to day routines and lose sight of the jewels along the way. Too much work, too much recreation. Too much of one area leads to a narrow vision feeling as though we are missing out, truth is we cannot live our life pursuing balance as perfection. It is simply not possible. Who know the mind of God? We need to accept who and where we are and then move from there.

Don’t live your life on a tight rope, looking for perfect balance. Let go of expectations and your perceived idea of how things should be. Find your deep inner focus. Know thyself and stick to what has true value.

The man with one leg is envied by the fellow in the wheelchair. Balance to me is simple-Always count your blessings or you will always come up a leg short.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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