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Wounded Past

 “Forgiveness frees you from your own Prison.”
A seed of love inside of you
This flower waiting to be born
When heart strikes joy beyond despair
Such ease of life seem to appear
Silent spark, a flame sustained
Taste of bliss on earthy plane
Internal treasure can’t be bought
Heartfelt song eternal sought
Passion lived is always shown
Felt by all the source unknown
Here in Belize we have beautiful people. The combinations of cultural mixtures create exceptionally unique looking people. But as the saying goes is beauty only skin deep? To me all people are beautiful souls wanting to bloom. Sometime you see the beauty and other times as you look into their eyes, you glimpse their despair: pain from the past that is holding back the flower from unfolding.

We have all heard the stories from a friend or a friend’s friend; He abused me; she abandoned me; my father left us; never showed me affection; criticized me; etc., the list goes on and on. We are all the walking wounded. Some use these wounds as weapons; others stuff it down. Still others wear them as badge of honor and some use it to heal themselves and others.

We should use pain to learn and grow from; making it a point to reference the events that shaped our lives. But not to forgive the past is to make it a constant reality, bringing the distress continually into our lives and the people around you. Letting go of a painful past frees your spirit so that your inner light shines cultivating joy, igniting others to do the same.

Below are some ways to let go of a wounded past:
1) See this situation as an opportunity for healing and for growth. See that the other person involved has revealed to you through his or her actions where there was a wounded spot in you, which needed healing.

2) Be aware that being forgiving is a courageous act on your part. It has nothing to do with whether the other person can admit they are wrong. You are forgiving to liberate yourself no matter what the other person decides to do.

3) Accept the lessons involved in this incident – our lives are a process for learning. What have you learned from this event that is invaluable to you? Has some form of attachment to an idea or beliefs caused you the pain? What belief or beliefs were involved?

4) If you believe in a higher power let go and let God. Pray and ask for help in healing the wounded part of you. Reach out to a trusted friend if necessary.

Finally leave what is in the past in the past, live in the present and enjoy your life now knowing that you have gained valuable insight through your pain. Take time and list the positive aspects of your past such as: Because you were mistreated you don’t abuse your children.

By Chris Emmanuel

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