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Harmony with Nature

 “Nature is the art of God.”
Wings fluttering inside the Sunbreeze hotel lobby caught my attention. Looking out my studio, I saw a bird dive into a closed lobby window. As I stepped into the lobby, I watched this tiny creature flying back and forth looking for a way out. Charging the window one more time it bounced off settling near the window sill exhausted. As I reached out my hand to open the window, to my surprise the bird hopped on my finger. Opening the window with my other hand I lifted the bird to its freedom. Looking at me with gentle eyes this trusting bird refused to fly off. Here I was with this bird experience an awesome moment. Resting on my finger was harmony. As though a friend visiting for a while time became eternal. It was a classic moment soon people stopped as they passed in the lobby sharing in the moment of harmony with nature. I am sure you have had animal moments like these.

Here in Belize people come from all over the world to commune with nature. We are part of the earth and we seek union with the mother. Nature creates its own awesome harmony beyond our reasoning. Season’s alternates, animal and plants survive on each other, sometimes nature may seem cruel, but that’s just human concepts. Everything has a place. When we can appreciate what is, and what is not, we come to accept and live in harmony with it. Then we come to accept the peace nature has to offer.

You don’t need to travel around the world for awe-inspiring moments. They are available to us constantly, everywhere. If we just open our eyes they will impact us. Every time you see a plane, the ocean, a flower. There is nothing mundane about existence. Nothing. An entire jungle can be germinated from a single seed…

Below are a list of ways nature can affect your life
·I am sure there is a connection to nature that brings out your good moods. Maybe it’s being on the water, or a lungs full of fresh air, walking the sand bare feet, hiking the forest, taking the pet for a stroll, or just listening to water.

· Whatever works for you, just do it to get some perspective on the things that you get stressed about on a daily basis. Harmony with nature is its own reward.

Nature can break through laziness and open ruts. It unleashes potential and locked-up energies.
It’s a human tendency to be petty. Nature pulls us up and out.
The reality of this world is that there is nothing mundane.
Life has the potential to be one thrill after another, if you understand the power of every moment.

Remember awesome experiences so you can recall them at any time.

Seek the see the small amazing events in your life.

Use the awesomeness of everyday life to relate to the higher power in all.
When you think you have a problem: Step outside under the stars. It’ll put you back on track.
You can live your live as though everything is a miracle, or as if nothing is. One-way makes you grateful for all; the other leaves you hunting for more.

By Chris Emmanuel

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