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It’s all about light

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.  ~Aaron Rose”

You will see them along the beach in the morning. They are near the shore waiting and watching to take a picture of the sunrise. People come from all over the world to San Pedro to catch the sun. Especially this time of year, they are escaping the cold and drinking in the sunshine.

Researchers now recognize the value of sunlight for a healthy life. Studies reveal that sunlight delivers many health benefits. Sunlight energies the human body regulating temperature and fills the food we consume with nutritional value. Exposure to sunlight prevents chronic ailments such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), osteoporosis, mental depression, diabetes and many cancers affecting parts of the body. Sunlight is also the best pill to supply the body with vitamin D.

If you take pictures you know that light is the most important element of your shot. If you are a painter it’s all about light. Light is an important part of our lives. You feel better when your mood is lighter, you can handle people that are lighter to be around. We think the sun goes away and shines somewhere else but truth it’s the earth that spins and the sun is always shining light, it never stops. Having light gives us the ability to do so many things. Thinking of light on a spiritual perspective we see the reflection of Divine light and its opposite darkness. We all want to feel inner light and love. Despite where we come from and what we have acquired, living in light is what brings us joy and transcends this world to take us back to where we came from.

Look at children playing they are full of light and life. There joy is open and simple, they are living lightly. We all start off this way but as we grow we can collect heavy, dense baggage that makes it hard at times to experience our light. The heaviest burdens are carried without hands. Our emotions and mental clutter can way us down clogging the doorway reducing the light in our lives. Getting back to lightness is not easy, no one likes to dig in mud, but if you struggle through the darkness eventually you will reach the surface like a lotus flower floating on the water enjoying the sunlight once again.

Next time you feel Burdened and find it hard to see the light try reciting this affirmation by one of my favorite writers, Louise Hay:
I am willing to let go and release the past
I let go and release all tension
I release all fear
I release all guilt

By Christopher Emmanuel

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