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By Christopher Emmanuel
Every creature is a color from Gods paint box – Emmanuel
We all have an ego self that wants to put the world where we feel comfortable. We are always thinking and judging. But the truth is we make better decisions when we can be nonjudgmental. Being nonjudgmental does not mean ignoring faults or mistakes. It is not necessary to turn off your brain and stop deciding what works and does not work. Being nonjudgmental simply means observing things as they are without labeling them as good or bad. When you can accept errors as a part of learning you can make corrections faster.

The natural world shows us non-judgment in action. A blade of grass never says to the flower besides it, “You are doing it wrong, you should drop those color petals and grow tall and straight like me.”Choose not to judge. It is not a demand but a wise choice.

Isaac Newton, over 300 years ago, discovered that when passed through a prism, white light splits into its component colors, spanning red to violet in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. From these colors are derived the colors we see every day. As an artist I use many different colors to create a painting. Every time I mix a color I am amazed at the different tones and hues. I might choose one color over another, but it does not mean one color is better than another. It’s all just a matter of choice, they are all the same. Think of it. People are like colors in a paint box. All the colors are different but all come from the same source of light. The God force is the same essence in all people it just appears in different hues and shades.

So refrain from judging and you will experience more color in your life experiences. Keep yourself relaxed and peaceful. Non-judgment increases your awareness and compassion. Try not to judge and make conclusion. Don’t make it a demand or compulsion. Let there be a choice. There is a difference between “should’ and “choice’.

Below are some simple ways to practice non-judgment:
* See all incidents in your life as a situation rather than a problem. Know that no experience comes to punish or test you; only to awaken you to your true purpose in this life.

* When you encounter a person you don’t agree with instead of seeing them as right or wrong ask yourself. “What can I learn from them?”

* Whenever you meet someone new rather than trying to put them in a category, shut down your internal dialogue by thinking to yourself, “this person seems interesting,” and focus on being in the moment as you engage in conversation.

* When your ego wants to put fences around people like, “he is Chinese,” “she is fat” “he is catholic” and so on… change your thoughts by remembering that each person is an example of the infinite ray of colors that come from the same source of creation that you do.

* See all occurrences as a way to acquire wisdom to remind you of who your really are. Refrain from Judging and focus on the silver lining in every cloud that moves over your sunshine
Everything you perceive is a projection of your own judgments.

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