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Who Are You?

By Christopher Emmanuel

“Everything that defines you confines you” – Emmanuel
We are living in a digital world, constantly compiling information. Today with mobile phones, iPods computer, TV, kindle, MP players, game players and the like it’s a wonder some people don’t know who they are and what they want. We are constantly inundated with concepts and ideas; just consider the amount of TV most people watch daily. We are constantly being influenced by media. They tell us what to do, what to wear, what to buy, etc.

Knowing who you are is not a simple task growing up in this environment. If you think
you are the way you dress, the hairstyle, language you speak, your job, your culture beliefs and values, think again. Most of what you think is given to you by your family and the media that surrounds you.  Getting to know you is far more than your physical appearance and brain power.

You are an unlimited space. How can you experience your unlimited space? One simple way is through memory. It is said that although we record everything we see and experience, we only remember a fraction. For instance, can you remember everything that happening in your childhood? Not likely. But how much can you remember? You will find you remember key events that happened, usually the events that moved you with joy or sadness.

Many times, people block from memory any event that was too painful. Today, we know that under hypnosis we are able to reach further into our minds to bring back more of our memories. There are also people who specialize in restoring past lives to our memory. All this allows us to see the limitations of our memories and by recognizing these limitations; we can get a glimpse of our unlimited nature. Within each one of us is a hidden power that comes from source; this power gives us enormous strength to overcome difficulties and redefine who we are.

Understanding who you are is very important especially when it comes to making changes and letting go of people places and things. As we move through life knowing the “true self” is the only way to keep from suffering when you and the world around you changes. The only thing constant is constant change.

Below is a simple way to know you better:

Spend time alone.
Make time to be alone with yourself just doing nothing. This is more than being physically alone – in fact, it is not necessary to have no one else around. To spend time alone means having your mind to yourself, with time to cultivate your own thoughts. If you are obsessing over a particular problem or situation, you’re not spending time alone. You are using your time to worry!

Many people will go away to a special place to meditate, yet spend their time thinking of what they left behind. Having time away from people or places doesn’t always allow you time to yourself. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere to make space in your mind; all you need is to set aside time to find your mind center.

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