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A teaching problem

By Christopher Emmanuel

“Where there is a problem, there is not something to do, there is something to know”
– Dr Raymond Charles Baker

A steel grey blues haze covered the skies, obscuring the orange ball this particular morning. The sea still rage as it did all night, waves boiling over the reef. Windswept beaches combined with high tide reveal the remains of water travelers’ refuge and discarded treasures. There is confusion in the air as the palm trees bend and flutter, Punta dancing in the strong winds.

Our visitors might not be happy with the weather on days like these. Not much calm for water sports, it mirrors a passage in life on days when it all seems cloudy and you can’t seem to find answers. Head muddled, trying to find your way, you stumble around looking for the light. It appears to have gone out, but you know it’s there somewhere.

There are chores to do. The bills don’t stop coming and life is still here today. The pigeon on the beach still savage in the sand, air is still there to breathe- so you trudge through, let the problems find their own solution today. You can enjoy the clouds and windy confusion. Tomorrow is another day and the light is just beyond the clouds. Just because you can’t see the light, doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Problems are a part of life; they challenge us redefining who we are at times. They help us grow into better souls. Sometimes they can’t be solved and we grow out of them, or we need to make them our friends-like the neighbor that likes to talk a lot, but you know how to turn down your ears and just smile being kind.

Today see all your problems as teachers, constantly ask yourself, “What do I need to learn in this situation.”

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