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Talk Things Out

By Christopher Emmanuel

Like a tree that sheds its bark from time to time, so we unfold to reach our destiny
Without a doubt when asking any successful couple about their relationship, communication is the number one factor attributed to their success. Speaking the same language and understanding each other’s values creates a solid foundation to build on in a relationship. When you understand where your partner is coming from, making compromises becomes easier as you grow together.
Strong emotional differences that arise can be managed more effectively when you know how you and your partner relate to each other. Take time to understand your partners likes and dislikes. Try not to focus on the things you disapprove of, and don’t compare faults. This is a sure way to enhance your communication and solve problems in your relationship.

Below are a few steps to help enhance communication.

1. When you are at fault remember to say you’re sorry and refrain from bringing up incidents to compare and justify your actions.

2. Forget the past. Bringing up past issues only makes them real again, causing damage to your relationship and fuels the chance for failure. As you get to know your buttons (words and actions that upset or create disempowerment) remember to stop and think before you respond insensitively in situations.

3. The best advise I have heard for ensuring your love does not drift apart is: Never go to sleep angry with your loved ones. Clear the air and interrupt your thinking when you are emotionally fatigued. Keep harmful conclusions from entering your subconscious mind when you go to sleep. This will make it a lot easier to keep the lines of communications open.

In closing, remember love like all things takes time and you get what you put in. the better your communication the stronger your love energy exchange. Keep your love polished and flowing by clearing and sharing with your loved ones on a constant basis.

Talk Things Out In a Relationship

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