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Safeguard Your Heart

by Seleni Perez – My mom has an old recycled box and in it she holds treasured, pictures, notes, documents and letters that hold her best kept memories stored. More than once I have asked her to have me keep it or at least one thing from it. However, she would only allow my sister and me to go through the box and once in a while she will go over it and revisit the stories these collections would hold.

As a child I would never get enough, persistently asking her to pass it down to me and would be so disappointed when she would refuse. Now as a grownup, I have come to realize why she would do this. It is not that she is trying to keep it away from us but rather on safeguarding the evidence of beautiful moments of her youths.

Where am I trying to get with this? We all have things we love and cherish so much that we try to safeguard it to the best of our abilities. Yet, the most valuable possession we leave vulnerable is our heart, the vital organ responsible to provide our body with oxygen and nutrients.

Though, spiritually speaking, the heart is the central wisdom of feeling oppose to our head which is the central wisdom of reason. This means that the heart plays an important role in controlling our feelings and emotions. Let’s take an empty sack for instance, and let’s say hate, envy, jealousy, anger and many other thoughts are represented by a rock. You will find your sack getting heavier with each rock to the point where your heart will be heavy and you will feel lifeless and worthless.

This will all be a result of the overwhelming weight of emotions you are experiencing as a result of allowing the negative feelings and emotions take the best of you. You see, these things don’t come in one, but rather as a chain reaction of each. For example, when someone hurts us we get very upset and then our heart starts experiencing resentment. That later turns into hate which preoccupies our mind, distracts us and takes up plenty of times. We keep thinking about the problem or situation; which affects our state of peace and makes us restless.

Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Now let me ask you: how is your heart? Nobody said life would be a walk in the garden, so let’s try to make each situation, either good or bad, a well learnt experience. Learnt to be grateful, learn to forgive, and learn to be joyful. But above all cherish and protect your heart.

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