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– By Seleni Perez – This is an advice of love to the youth who feels discouraged and misunderstood. Life is harsh, and at times can be unfair, but do not allow the negativity that surrounds you get to you and consume you. Not everyone who talks to you is your friend and not everyone who call themselves friend truly cares about your wellbeing.  Yet, you have people in your life that truly care for you and indeed look for your wellbeing. These are individuals who go through sleepless nights worrying for you, but it is sad to mention, you might not even realize this. We are so absorbed in our lives that we have them go unnoticed and simply take them for granted.

In times of despair, when we seek for hope, the least we wish to hear is “I told you so”. We long for words of encouragement to strengthen our souls. Then we get advice; and we want to be told what our ears want to hear, but many times we are told what we do not want to hear. It is like the sound of screeching chalk on board. In fact, it can be painful when we stand corrected.

We do not like to accept when we are wrong, but it is okay. It is human to make mistakes. Listening can help us grow. It takes great courage to see ourselves through a mirror of the soul. Our elders may not be up to date with the latest technology, but the truth is that each wrinkle on their face and hands is earned with the years.

We must also accept discipline with an open heart. I never liked being scolded growing up and I strongly believe no one really does. But we must listen to our parents especially when we live in their home. As a form of gratitude, we must always respect our parents and elders, and as a result have self-respect as well. Take discipline as an act of love. In life everything has a cause and an effect and many times life may hit us hard as a consequence of our own actions. I know parents may seem to take things too seriously, but all they try to do is help us not repeat their same mistakes. Discipline is a form of moderation and if they say it is wrong, it probably is.

Proverbs 19: 20 says “Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise”. Some acts are enjoyable, but the consequences are so bitter it may bring regret or damages in the future. Be wise!


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