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The Island Academy's Graduating Class of 2017

The Island Academy held its graduation ceremony for 2017 on Frinday, May 26, celebrating the accomplisments of the entire student body, teaching staff and management, but most importantly handing out graduation diplomas to seven students. Teachers in all the grade levels handed out awards to their top students for excellence in academics, personal growth and social behavior.

The Island Academy’s graduating class of 2017 include: Tellen Smith,  John Greif, Collin Greif, Wyatt Barenfanger, Jamilet Garcia, Skyler Guerrero and Alexandra Lausen who was also awarded with the Sir Barry Bowen Cup bestowed to the exemplary senior student who exhibits utmost values of friendship, honesty and endeavor.

Congratulations to the Island Academy Class of 2017.

The Island Academy's Class of 2017, Skyler Guerrero

Skyler Guerrero

The Island Academy's Class of 2017, Alexandra Lausen

Alexandra Lausen

The Island Academy's Class of 2017, Collin Greif

Collin Greif

The Island Academy's Class of 2017, Wyatt Barenfanger

Wyatt Barenfanger

Island Academy Graduating Class 2017, Tallen Smith

Tallen Smith

Island Academy Class of 2017, Jamilet Garcia

Jamilet Garcia

Island Academy Class of 2017, John Greif V

John Greif V

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