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Red White and Blue

Red, white and blue – those are the colors that make up our country; a country that is filled with diversity, a young nation that is full of life. We should all be proud to live in a land where we have freedom of speech, a country where our resources aren’t limited, a country that has struggled and moved forward to what is it is today.

I am a proud born Belizean who feels pride at the sound of my anthem and yearn for it to touch the hearts of others, for them to feel pride as well, “United and Proud – Moving Forward – I Am Belize”

With all these holidays and the September celebration fever I was able to ask a few of the teens “What makes you proud to be a Belizean?” and this is what they were willing to answer.

Emilie – I am proud to be a Belizean because of our talented and amicable people, gorgeous environment and our diverse culture. There’s no place like Belize and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Yesenia – The unique beauty and cultures, the beautiful lands and the people are friendly; there is no other like Belize.

Allison – The fact that we have a beautiful Caribbean country is one of the key reasons why I’m a proud Belizean. Also, our culture has a very extraordinary way of celebrating special events which makes all Belizeans proud and willing to participate and support in unison. Belize is unique and I’m very proud to be called a Belizean.

Michelle – Its beauty – Belize makes me who I am. The Belizean in me will always be in me if I go anywhere in the world. Belize will always be my home.

Brianna – I am a proud Belizean because of our country’s beauty we are blessed with.

Janelle – There are many reasons that make me proud to be a Belizean, but things that make me feel extra special are the things Mother Nature has blessed us with. Our abundance of flora and fauna, our great barrier reef, and of course the traditional people that keep the Belizean culture alive year after year!

Roxette – I am proud to be a Belizean because I am proud to be part in the rich culture Belize has – its natural beauty, ancient history, rich ethnicity and friendly faces. It may have its flaws but I could not imagine living anywhere else.

Jesica – I am proud of living in a wonderful island, a wonderful paradise. But what I’m mostly proud of is of all the friendly people. Everyone is there for each other no matter what; Que Viva Belice!

Cindy – I’m proud because Belize is the best country ever; I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Belize is a Paradise.

Erick – I am proud to be a Belizean because whenever I am singing the national anthem and watching our Belizean flag being raised up high I can say that Belize has achieved so much.

I AM BELIZE! YOU ARE BELIZE! WE ARE ALL BELIZE! I hope you all enjoyed your Happy Tenth and Twenty first celebrations 2010!

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