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Why So Many Rules?

– By Gabriela Nuñez, Teen Talk Reporter

Do you feel overburdened with restrictions at home? Have you ever been tempted to sneak out of the house or to lie to your parents about your actions? House rules, as they are sometimes called, are the dos and don’ts that your parents or guardians have set for you. These rules may include requirements about homework, chores, and curfews, as well as restrictions on your use of the phone, the TV, or the computer. They may extend beyond the walls of your home to include your behavior at school and your choice of friends.

Many young people often find themselves on the wrong side of their parents’ rules. Most youths acknowledge, though, that some regulations are needed to prevent total chaos. But if house rules are really necessary, why are some of them so annoying? And if you feel suffocated by your parents’ rules, how can you get some relief?

Of course, your parents probably see things differently. Likely, they feel that their rules are vital to protect you and prepare you for the responsibilities of adulthood. Understandably, you may long for a life out from under your parents’ authority. But would you really be better off without their restrictions? You probably know youths your age who can stay out as late as they want, can wear anything they like, and can go with their friends whenever and wherever it suits them.

Is it good having all these rules? Why or why not? What rule would you want your parents to remove from your life?

Chelsea: That I can only go out once every week.

Irving: I hate the rule that I just can’t hang around with anyone; my mom is sometimes picky of whom I hang out with and that irritates me. If they’re bad people then I will find out and then I will go to my mom and tell her she was right, but if not then I would like to have them as a friend.

Mahe: The rule that she would say: “You can’t wear that; you’re too young”.

Kelsie: Personally, I don’t mind my parents setting rules for me because I know they want the best for me. At times I might wish there weren’t any rules but in the end I know they are there for a reason. So None!

Sophia: My curfew! My parents always want me home earlier than most people. That’s probably for the best though. 🙂

Jessica: The rule I would want my parents to remove from my life is whom I should and should not be friends with; they should let me make my own decisions.

Dria: Not telling me what time to reach home.

Nick:  The rule: “to stay home at times”.

Maria: Rules… sometimes it irritates me knowing I have to be home a certain time, but I believe it’s for the best.

Cobe: Rules at home really suck at times, especially the one when it comes to dating a girl. My mom is always getting into my relationships and, I mean, I’m young (I know) but she should respect my decisions and remove that silly rule.

Gary: The rule I would love my parents would remove is to have a limit on my driving. They freak out! I accept I drive really fast, but I can control it and it’s not all the time. I know that they do it for the best, but sometimes going against the rule can be pretty fun.

Janelle: The rule that I want my parents to remove is my curfew.

Samantha: The only rule I would love NOT to have is that “I should choose a right friend”. I really don’t like the idea that my parents dislike some of my friends; as my parents they should respect my friends.

Kristy: I really don’t have rules at home, but I have this friend that I see her parents don’t let her go nowhere. If she goes out she has to take out her little sister with her and I mean she’s 17 already. I don’t get why her parents have to treat her like that and I don’t think I could live having such a rule.

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