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You probably saw it on the news or on Facebook – a poor timid school boy being punched in the face by a bully! After the poor kid had had enough, he picked up the bully and body slammed him onto the floor. And after his actions, the school was planning on punishing the boy who was being bullied. Isn’t that crazy? The poor kid had enough of the physical abuse and decided to fight back.

This gets me thinking: Are there bullies at San Pedro High? So I asked my fellow teens: “Have you seen your friends being bullied at school? What have you seen bullies do to others or to you? What do you think we can do to help?”

Stick: I once had this problem and thank God it stopped! This was when a student would vigor me to give him my homework; when I had stayed all night doing it. He was a giant compared to me; I was afraid until one day I had to say “You know what I’m tired of you and I won’t give you my homework ever again”. I had to overcome it.

Female 1: Here in high school I don’t have much of this situation but I remember in primary school days, yes it was really terrifying going to school. I would cry all morning; that was the story of my life, until I gave up and told my mother what was happening and things changed.

Male 1: High school bullying is not happening to me, but I have this friend that is going through it. I really don’t want to say anything because I feel I will be the next victim, although I really want to help him.

Fear (female 2): When I was in First Form there was this girl way older than me; I guess she had been there quite a while. She would feel superior to anybody else in the class. I was afraid of her and did everything she asked me to do, until one day I noticed that she had a low self esteem and she just did things so she could feel better and trying to bring us down. I had to defeat this situation and now I realize that if I hadn’t done something it would continue and I wouldn’t feel like I feel today.

Fear(female 3): In high school I don’t have this problem, but when I was in standard three I do remember this little group that would beg me for my break money.

Speak: My cousin was once being bulled in school; she was really fearful about what was going on. I had to speak with her mother about what was going on. The problem was that she is very intelligent and it seemed that all the teachers adored her and I believe a student was quite jealous of it. Every afternoon the student would threaten her to fail and to start backchat the teacher so the teachers would hate her and you know, just ignore her. She was really anxious that she didn’t want to go to school, it was a rough time.

Family: I haven’t been affected by this but my little brother was. He was picked on by my same cousin; how awful that can be, he used to steal money from him, punch him every time he had the chance and always blamed my brother for things he did and eventually my brother would be the one getting in trouble. I had to tell my dad about it and they spoke to his parents and things got arranged.

Family (2): Every morning my cousin would pass by or wait for me before entering school and always poke or slap my head. First I found it really funny, until one day it started irritating me. I asked, basically begged, him to stop it but he continued. Every time I told him to stop he stated “Oh it’s family love.” I mean who does that to their family….. I told my friend and my friend ended up telling my mom and so stopped the problem.

Hate: I was in second form and there was this unwise girl who would shred my books into half. She would toss my bag out of the window and the list can go on. At first I tried to ignore her behavior; however she kept on doing it. There was this time when I asked her why she behaves that way and the first thing she whispered to me was “I don’t LIKE you”.  So my response was “Pick on someone your own size and stop such a behavior because I’m tired of it and if you continue I shall inform the principal.” and she stopped. I am glad that I stood up to her.

Somehow I believe we are blessed, we don’t have much of bullying here in San Pedro but maybe I’m mistaken and there is; teens tend to silence their voice. But that is wrong, you shouldn’t be afraid; there will always be a person that will listen to you.



1. Put a brave face on
2. Have a friend around
3. Avoid the bully
4. Ignore bullies
5. Confront the bully
6. Report the bullying
7. Improve the self-esteem
8. Control your feelings
9. Stand up for yourself when it gets bad
10. Don’t bully back

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