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Mr. George Price We Shall All Miss You

– by Solani Graniel, Teen Talk Reporter – George Cadle Price, better known as the “Father of Our Nation” was born on January 15, 1919 . He was born in Belize City to William and Irene Price; he entered politics in 1947 with his election to the Belize City Council. Three years later, on September 29, 1950, he co-founded the People’s United Party, which he led for four decades.

He was the first Prime Minister of Belize and is considered to have been one of the principal architects of the country’s independence which was gained on September 21st, 1981. His passing away is the saddest thing Belize has ever had to conquer due to the great man he was and all the marvelous things he succeeded for Belize.

I know as teens, we may not know much of him but this week I decided to ask my fellow teens “What do they think of George Price and the great stuff he accomplished for Belize? Will Belize miss him and ever have another person like him?”
Hon. George Price, the educator

Gerry – The great stuff George Price has done is that he worked hard in getting Belize to be granted its Independence; hence earning the title THE FATHER OF THE NATION! Belize will definitely miss him because he impacted every single Belizean for the many accomplishments he did for us. I believe there will definitely be another person like him because I believe that History always repeats itself for a reason.

Natasha – George Price deserved to be named “The father of the nation”. He has contributed much to Belize and we wouldn’t be as developed as we are today. He definitely had a great run. It’s people like him who cause the world to progress. Obviously no one can ever replace him but I do believe that there will be people who are going to help Belize not for self interest but for the betterment of the people; just like he did. Belize may miss him, but he has forever made his mark. I truly appreciate everything he’s done. R.I.P George Price.

Wendy – I think that George Price was a person to be admired for his humility and for the love he had for his country. He was indeed a great man who cared for the benefit of the land where he grew; he wanted independence and he got it. He wanted all of us Belizeans to be proud of the where we were born, he wanted us to be known internationally, he wanted us to have a name (a legacy for our kids), he wanted a free democracy. George price accomplished literally everything he desired for the country of Belize and by that he was an example for us Belizeans. He wanted us to always remember where we come from and that whatever we want to do we can accomplish and that whosoever wants to be politicians needs to care for making Belize grow in economics, jobs, and education. Likewise, he wanted us to maintain a clean Belize, to work for the people and not for ourselves. . . Will Belize miss him? Of course Belize will miss, you know what and honor it was to have such a man alive? To have our architect, the person who made our country – we have a name, a flag, and anthem, and a liberty of speech. We will miss him because he won’t be here to always remember that he made Belize and independent nation for us to be proud Belizeans and make our country the best. Will Belize have another person like him? Belize won’t ever have a person like him, but Belize can have someone who wants to be like him. There are many people out there who want to fulfill his legacy and who love Belize the same way he did. They might not have all his qualities but I’m there is someone out there who wants and desires to be the next George Price of Belize.

Andy- I guess that yes, I dislike politics but George Price was different. He was humble, he was the people man, someone who came from down and when up. He won’t be forgotten. He got the independence of Belize in a peaceful way; other countries had to go to war for that. George Price went, found and talked to the people. Now-a-day’s most ministers are in an office.

Sofia – I believe George Price was a man of great honor and was as humble as he can be. The works he did for Belize no one else can ever do. He accomplished many things and for that Belize will forever miss him, we will always remember him. There is no one who can ever replace him; Belize will never have another Prime Minister like him, never have another architect like him. Belize will never have another Father of the Nation! R.I.P George Price!

Rachelle – George Price was a man of wisdom who fought for our independence a duty that he put on himself because he wanted a better Belize. He wasn’t a man of greed but a man who believed in unity. With his efforts we are who we are to this day and there shall never be a man as dedicated as he was to our beautiful Belize. We should raise our dollar in his pride!

Well there we have it! Belize will Miss Mr. George Price! May he rest in peace!

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