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A Friend’s Betrayal

Teen Talk Reporter- Solani Graniel

Friends are there when we need them, but sometimes they can betray us. It’s amazing when two strangers become the best of friends but it’s sad when the best of friends become two strangers. People come into our lives and walk with us a mile and then because of circumstances they only stay awhile. I know that most of us teens have been backstabbed in different ways that have affected the relationship with our friends. This week I asked my fellow teens: “Have you ever been backstabbed by a friend; if so how?”
Teen Talk Reporter -Solani Graniel
Korin – I had a friend who seemed so innocent, but after some time she started saying how I took her boyfriend away from her knowing it was all a lie. She even used to provoke me!

Georginia – My friend took advantage of the trust I had in her. She used the secrets I shared with her and used it against me to make the guy I liked think bad about me and stop talking to me. I am not that type of person who will fight for a guy so I let it go!

Raymundo – Yes! When I was in first form I was going out with this girl but then one day she just left me without any explanation or reason. It turns out that my supposed best friend, at that time, told her a lot of lies about me so that he could have a chance with her… till this day we don’t speak like we used too!

Teen Talk – Yes, I have been backstabbed in many ways. In one occasion my best friend started dating the guy I liked, knowing I liked him. My own friends have said stuff about me to the guy I like; thank God he didn’t believe them but rather came and asked me. I know that maybe I have backstabbed some friend and I am sorry because I know how it feels!

Abby – I have been backstabbed by my so call best friend who told my mom that I was using marijuana and drinking alcohol when I wasn’t.  She didn’t want me to go to a party with her because she is ashamed of me; we are not friends now!

Unknown – I was backstabbed by my friend who came up with a story that I go out with every guy and that I am very conceited because I just moved here. She also said how it’s my fault that her boyfriend left her because he want me not her! I mean it not my fault!

Joellie – Yes I have been. My best friend at that time told her boyfriend everything that I had told her about me and the problems I had at that time, but I got over it! I trusted her and stuff, but I’ve realized that sometimes people aren’t who they seem like!

Nicky – My best friend and my other friend were chucking spitballs at the ceiling in the science lab. On Friday when I was away, they got called up for it and said that I did it. I was just sitting there laughing I didn’t do anything else. I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life.

Anonymous – My friend was like my sister. I was always there for her for whatever the situation, be it money problems, cheating boyfriends or just good advice. To this day I am still bitter on the inside of what my “so called besties” have done to me. I think that is why it is hard for me now to make friends; I can’t trust anyone. I have been so hurt so many times by so called friends that I don’t even have the energy to even deal with the issue; I have learned that it’s about me, myself, and I is all.

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