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Is Carnival A Messy Situation?

Carnival has come and gone! Carnival is the time when streets get filled with unrecognizable faces covered with vibrant colours of paint. But more than that is the grand celebration of the comparsas around town and the community partaking in an enticing tradition. A three day spectacular that promotes fun activities that both locals and tourist can indulge in.Teen Talk Reporter - Emilie Gomez

Most of the time it seems this great, but a few peers don’t partake in this tradition because it has taken a wicked turn. Some of the people out in the streets wait for this day seeking the opportunity to confront their enemies as a way of revenge. How horrid has this peaceful event become? Not to mention the constant vandalism that occurs. Businesses constantly have to prepare in covering or repainting their advertisements during Carnival season because of the mischief performed. This celebration is more than what a few have made it.

We should be more respectful and stick strictly to the fun of the game. This way we can all enjoy the diverse and exciting comparsas, as well as the body painting in a safe way. Carnival in San Pedro is so diverse and the beauty of the costumes and colours adds a wonderful aspect to it. The tradition continues and we all get so excited to be part of it.

The commencement of Carnival this year was exceptional, the crowd gathered in the central park to initiate Carnival 2012 fascinated by the booths, dances by the San Pedro Dance Company and a re-enactment of past Carnival activities practiced. A wonderful flashback of how Carnival once was, including Los Marscarados, Las Chinitas, Los Negritos, Las Cubanitas, La Guaranducha, La Morena Trinidad, El Torito y los Inditos.

So this week I asked my peers: “Did you partake in this year’s Carnival, why or why not?”

Teen Talk: “Honestly, I did not take part because frankly I’m scared of getting hurt or being touched inappropriately which I have heard occurs. But I do enjoy seeing the children paint themselves and the comparsas are always fun to watch.”

Mar: “I love Carnival; I always go out for the fun of painting and the adrenaline pumping when you know someone wants to paint you back.

Nena: “No I did not. Why? Because a lot of fights and inappropriate touching. Carnival used to be fun but people have changed the tradition by the increase amount of conflicts.”

Jjay: “Yes I did take part in Carnival this year, I have always liked to participate in the comparsas around town.”

Gia: “I don’t believe Carnival is that much fun anymore. It ruins our community and destroys properties. It is tradition, but our island looks horrible afterwards. I love the comparsas and that’s the only way I would come out for Carnival.”

Robby: “Yes I did go out to paint, it’s very fun to chase and run from the different people partaking in the tradition.”

Rach: “I did not take part in Carnival this year due that it isn’t the Carnival as we know it. The painting has become violent and people are taking this day to attack enemies.”

Anonymous: “I would have loved to take part in Carnival but I can’t due to my health condition that would be worsened.”

Magz: “I did not take part in Carnival this year. I am a fan of it but now a days Carnival is not about painting and having fun like back in the days with lipstick and powder. It gets crazy, boys assault you and some girls want to beat you up.”

Itzy: “I did not take part in Carnival. Why? Well because I’m not much of a fan of it, it’s just too crazy. I do like seeing the comparsas, they are really fun but I don’t like the painting.”

So we’ve seen the comments of the youths and we clearly see that we want a change. We want to once again conserve the culture and artistic side of Carnival.

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