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How to Deal with Bullies

Bullies are pretty much everywhere.  Millions of people around the world are suffering from these bullies almost every minute of the day.  Bullying has led to some teens committing suicide because they cannot take the teasing anymore. Now with something so cruel that leads to so many problems why is it that no one has put a stop to it?

The Answer is Simple. Whenever you try to explain to bullies that what they are doing is wrong, they don’t even try to listen to what you’re saying. Now to all those teens who want to end their lives because of bulling, please DON’T!  Do you know why? These bullies are the ones that need your attention to make them seem cool.

You might have noticed that there is a very small number of bullies and a larger number of people getting bullied. Now what would happen to those bullies if all the rest of us would just pretend that the bullies aren’t even there? Those bullies will become the ones that would be all sad and lonely. So you may ask, “What is the reason as to why those people bully others?” Well, there are many different reasons and the most common one is that these people want attention because probably they are not getting it back at their homes or maybe they were the ones getting bullied before.

Another reason could be that bullies want you to be like them. For example, you might want to be cool like the bullies who think they are all bad; so you would start teasing other people so that those bullies would like you and you would be cool like them. I call this a form of peer pressure and because it is negative, you should not follow it.

Therefore here is my advice to all the bullies and people that have teased others in the past.  Please stop it now; be the better person and stop teasing and start helping because if you are looking for attention and have a lot of stress you will find helping someone would make you feel ten times better than bullying someone.

On the other hand, if you are getting bullied ignore the bullies, but not ignore like how most teens would ignore a bully. Actually don’t even make any kind emotion or anything to show that you notice them. You will find that the bullies will just leave you alone and not even notice you. If you are the one bullying, stop it and know that there is no point in doing so because bullying does not make you a better person.

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