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How to Deal with Stress

Stress! Everybody, everyday… we all have stress. But not everybody knows how to deal with stress, so here are some ways to deal with stress.

1. Listen to music
This is the one that is used the most. Just shut everything out and listen to music and after a while Bam! A lot of the stress is gone. Just don’t listen to hate music because you will get yourself more stressed.

2. Talk about it
If you talk about your problems you get less stress. Just make sure to talk about your problems to someone trusted, but like really trusted; not like a friend you just met yesterday. Venting out your stress/frustrations with somebody else really helps you calm down and you never know when that other person can help you out to fix the problem that is stressing you out.

3. Face your stress
Got a problem? Face it! Don’t just hide and complain; try to take down that stress at its source to make sure you are not stressed anymore.

4. Forget about it.
This does not work if it’s a big stress and something like family problems or school work. If it’s a stress like you don’t like this person because of some reason, just forget about it and move on with your life. Petty stuff is not worth stressing about.

Okay! Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments on what you think about this article and also check out the video for this article down below.

– by Ryan Ancona

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