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Teasing Hurts

Teasing it is pretty much everywhere. It is found at your school, on the streets, and even on the internet. Everyone has gotten teased at one point in his life. Therefore, let’s figure out how to deal with it. First you need to figure out why this person is teasing you. It could be for jealousy, hatred, or maybe just his/her bad habit.

Ambergris Today Teen Talk Reporter Ryan AnconaIf someone is teasing you because of jealousy then you shouldn’t make that bring you down; it should make you happy because you have something he wants.

If this person wants to bring you down because he/she hates you for some particular reason, then there are two options for you. You can simply ignore that person or face him. If you have done something wrong, then you apologize. If there is no malice on your part, then you need to confront the person seriously.

Now if this person does not really have a reason why he/she teases you then don’t let that bother you because chances are that if he is trying to find the faults in you, he probably has faults ten times bigger than yours.

What I’m trying to say is that really just ignore people trying to tease you or hate you. Just try to be the best person you can be and if you know you are doing things right; who cares what other people think. I have encountered many people trying to bring me down calling me many different names and other things. For example, I got a comment on one of my YouTube videos saying stop posting the bad videos and do something constructive; then she finished it off with calling me a certain name.

The comment did not bother me because I know that when making my videos I was doing something constructive because I am learning the art of acting and also video editing. I am sure she has probably tried videoing and editing and failed so she was jealous about my talent. So I just brushed off her comment which was not silly but rather pathetic. In the end she made me stronger because I also learned patience, forgiveness and maturity.

My teenage friends, don’t let these simple things bother you, and if anything don’t let them bother you. Now kindly tell me in the comments whether you are in favor or against teasing, or another way to handle the teasing. But please don’t tell me to beat up that person, which I know would work… if you can beat her up.

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